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Club Championship

It’s you against your PB!

Scoring for the overall 2016 championship is based on 16 races, your best 2 out of 4 count at each of ParkRun/5K, 10K, 10M and 1/2 marathon. 12 of these races have been chosen, the other four you can nominate (before the race) when you are running well.

You score points for how you run relative to your personal best (PB) from the last 2 years. You get 10 points for matching your PB, and you gain/lose 1/2 a point for each 1% you are over/under it. Your PB will be updated for the next race if you beat it.  You must be running for Larkfield AC to score points.

For all the 12 races nominated by the Club, there is also a separate ‘First past the post’ competition.

If you have no previous race results you will get 8 points for your first race.  If you only have one time for the distance ran, the maximum score you can get will be 10.5 points.

If you have no PB for a distance, a pb is worked out from your PB’s for the other distances, using the McMillan running website, the maximum score you can get will be 12 points but if you have only one previous time at any distance the maximum will be 10.5 points. McMillan Website.

The competition runs until November 27th.  At the Christmas party trophies presented to the winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd). Everyone is automatically entered into the championships, any queries or to nominate races please contact Louise Holden. Regular updates will appear during the season on the club website.

The remaining pre-selected races of the year:

Date Race Start time of race Closing date for entry Cost (booking charges may apply) Website link
24 July 2016 Deal Dinosaur 10K 


1000 Entries on the day if limit not reached £15.00
13 August 2016 Shorne Woods Park Run 0900 Register online Free
02 October 2016 Tonbridge 

Half Marathon

1000 30 September 2016 £21.10
09 October 2016 Ashford 10K 


1000 Entries on the day if limit not reached £16.00

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