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All you need to do is turn up to one of our training sessions or get in touch.

If after a few sessions you decide you want to join us; all you have to do is fill in the Larkfield AC Membership Form.

Our yearly membership is a bargain price compared to other clubs around. At a mere £28.00 you get:

  • Personal membership with England Athletics which provides a reduction in your entry fees to UK Athletics races and numerous other benefits.
  • London Marathon places – the Club are currently awarded two places every year and Club members can enter the draw for these places subjecting to meeting the criteria*
  • Free entry into the Kent Cross Country Fitness League.
  • Coached training sessions.
  • Access to the many events subsidised by our club such as races and social events.

*London Marathon places – criteria

 That the qualifying criteria for entry into the Club ballot for London Marathon places be as follows:

  1. That Club places be available to Club members not already taking part in the London Marathon in the year the ballot relates to.
  2. That Club members be, at least, in the second year of Club membership.
  3. That Club members have demonstrated an active commitment to the Club through volunteering including the following:
  • Larkfield 10K volunteers
  • Beginners/Intermediates Group volunteers
  • Summer barbecue volunteers
  • Those running training sessions
  • Committee members.
  1. That Club members did not receive a Club ballot place the previous year.
  2. That Club members who have been awarded a London Marathon place through the Club ballot may transfer the place to another Club member, with the permission of the Committee, should the Club member be unable to take part (for example, owing to injury).

Note: It is not necessary to have been rejected in the London Marathon ballot itself to enter the Club ballot. However, those who do have a London Marathon place (for the year the ballot relates to) should not also enter the Club ballot.

In addition, Larkfield AC is affiliated to a number of bodies:

  • England Athletics
  • Run England
  • British Triathlon Federation
  • Kent County Athletics Association
  • South of England Athletic Association
  • Cycling Time Trials
  • Kent Cycling Association

Further details of each body are set out below. These memberships allow our members to take part in a variety of running, triathlon and cycling events.

Benefits of joining the friendliest running club around

Joining a running club is the best decision you’ll make; if you struggle to motivate yourself to go for a run, or you want to improve speed or distances. It’s also a great way to meet like minded people with a shared interest.

You don’t have to be a speedy Gonzales or an ultra-distance runner to join our club. We really are open to anyone that likes to run!

Taking your running to the next level by increasing your speed and/or running further, requires a variety of different training methods.

When you join our running club you can benefit from a vast pool of knowledge and experience. You will be able to run with people faster and stronger than you and you’ll be encouraged and supported throughout your membership. Any questions that arise can be answered simply, quickly and in person so you can really understand what you are being told. Coaching is a fast track way to improved performance.

One of the main benefits of running is that you can do it on your own. But at the same time this can also be a barrier to enjoyment and progression because running alone in the dark, off-road and even through busy streets can be dangerous. Running as a group means you have safety in numbers.

Running is one of the cheaper sports out there; all you really need are a decent pair of trainers to get started!

Larkfield AC is affiliated to the following bodies/organisations:


England Athletics

England Athletics is the governing body for athletics in England and sits under UK Athletics (UKA) (sometimes branded as British Athletics) with the other national governing bodies (Athletics Northern Ireland, Scottish Athletics and Welsh Athletics).

England Athletics affiliation provides Larkfield AC with a number of benefits including insurance for the Club and discounted race fees for our Members who take part in UKA events.

Run England

Our Larkrun Beginners Group is part of Run England – the official England Athletics recreational running project which aims to get the whole nation running. We are proud to be part of this scheme and have seen a number of runners who have taken part on our Beginners Group sessions join the Club.

Kent County Athletics Association

This is the local body for athletics and is responsible for the delivery of many events in the county including cross country events during the autumn/winter which prove popular with many our Club members.

South of England Athletic Association

The SEAA is a regional body and arranges a number of athletics events during the year. The Club’s affiliation to the SEAA recognises and supports the work of this body and also enables Club members to take part in SEAA events.


British Triathlon

The British Triathlon Federation is the governing body for triathlon. Club members will receive a discount on individual membership with England Triathlon.

Cycling Time Trials

CTT is the national governing body for cycling time trials in England and Wales. The Club’s affiliation to the CTT enables our Club members to take part in official time trials.

Kent Cycling Association

The KCA is a group of cycling clubs in Kent which organises a number of cycling events in the county. The Club’s affiliation to the KCA enables our Club members to take part in their events.



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