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Training Sessions

As well as the current running training – we host various regular multi-disciplined training sessions. Please get in touch to find out more or just turn up and give it a TRI!




Turbo training 7pm, Granary Hall, Larkfield

A coached Winter (from October until April) training programme to increase speed endurance, power output, technique, aerobic capacity and core strength. It’s also a whole lot of fun! The club has some spare turbo trainers so if you haven’t got one and want to give it a go just get in touch. This session usually costs around £2 to cover the price of hall hire.



Swimming 9-10pm Larkfield Leisure Centre.

There is a structured programme that is coached weekly throughout the year. It aims at building endurance and technique throughout the Winter, working towards race pace for the Triathlon season. This session costs members £5.



9am Club Cycle Ride between 40- 100km.

This is a lead group ride by a qualified coach. It runs regularly in the Spring Summer months. We try to organise a short and steady Improvers ride as well as a faster paced group. All details will be posted on Facebook before the ride as times/ distances/ weather can vary! Please see our link for Safety riding in Groups before attending one of these rides.


Outdoor cycle training

May until September, meet at Larkfield leisure centre 7pm.

A coached session either Speed, Hills or Timetrail training. This is a great opportunity for all abilities to train together and it’s free!


Our Awesome Members



Tracy Dumbarton

“I’ve found the club really friendly and supportive during the past year, with lots of advice from experienced triathletes on how to make the most of each training session and to keep calm during events. I was quite nervous at first as hadn’t done much cycling / swimming before but soon felt really comfortable at asking questions and have definitely improved this year. It’s great to have lots of support and to hear people shouting your name as you cross the finish line! I’m hoping to train more during the winter months so that I’m stronger at the start of the season (am looking forward to helping my husband, Dan. get back into training after his ankle surgery) and to concentrate on sprint triathlons which I particularly enjoy… and my half marathon training with Simone!”


Adam Cable

“I joined the club about 6 months ago after training on my own for a year and a half, the club made me feel extremely welcome and offered me great support and advice as I’m quite new to triathlon, I’ve also made some great new friends, being in a club with faster more experienced triathletes has made me step my game up and improved me, looking forward to 2015 when I’m attempting my first Ironman.”


Penny Arundel

“I’ve been enjoying taking part in triathlons for many years and love the sport. You can be young or old and the sport will accommodate you! Whether your goals and to complete in your first triahtlon , be it a Spirit or Olympic distance the Tri Larks will fit your needs. Be it in swimming, running or out on the bike the club has helped me achieve my first Half Ironman this year. My aim next year is to complete in an age group qualifier in the hope that I’ll have the chance to represent Team GB. My first triathlon was a team event so if you fancy having a go there will always be a Tri Lark that will help you :)”


Let’s go for a run!

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You are welcome to come along and join in any training runs or contact us for further information about TRI LARKS.